Saturday, September 2, 2017

The doctrine of reincarnation

The doctrine of reincarnation in all different forms, contradicts the teaching of Scripture concerning the nature and purpose of man. This false religion has the objective evidence in favor of and based in fantasy. However, it turns out attracts both promise a kind of immortality of the soul (in primitive and pagan form) and, on the other hand, denies God's judgment and punishment of hell. It frees the sinner from fear and responsibility for inappropriate actions. The logical conclusion of teaching is that even if the person committed many sins in this life to the next reincarnation may improve its position. After an endless cycle of reincarnations each person will eventually reach the same end, like everything else, mixing with the ultimate. The only difference is in the amount of cycles.
Furthermore, the teachings of reincarnation provide explanations for any passions or even offenses a person can have. For example, if a pedophile feels attraction to another person, it is probably because she was a woman in one of his previous lives. If a woman is unfaithful to her husband, it may be that her lover was married in a previous life and so on.

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