Friday, September 30, 2016

The time that Orthodoxy will prevail is near

We know that it is not only the natural laws, but also spiritual. Therefore, the wrath of God can not be addressed by cooperative sinners (why double rage will become), but by repentance and adherence to orders Lord. Elder Sophronius of Mount Athos (1993) telling the Essex, England like Saint Paisius: "The Union of Churches is difficult if not impossible for them. speak for the Union Churches do not know the mentality of the heterodox or level Orthodoxy. Saint Paisius the above knowledge was, advises everyone to be more restrained, because there will be the time when the Lord will present the Marcus Polite and fast palms to gather all kataskandalismena our brethren, to confess the Orthodox faith, to clinch tradition and give great joy to our Mother. Essentially the elder prophesying a truly Orthodox Synod Perhaps the 8th. Ecumenical Council for which prophesied to become the Holy Nile Myrovlytis: Then he made at the eighth meeting, and wants to choose good from evil, ie Orthodoxy, as the farmer selects the wheat from the chaff. and Then make peace little people again will change the agreement in their evil .... Peace in the world can not come without a peacemaker, living and unadulterated teaching Orthodoxy. Dissemination However, although continued after the fall of City, to a degree, it should be maximized and will officially spread dynamically after the 3rd World War general war as onomazei Agios Kosmas of Aetolia. This will be the period glimpse of Orthodoxy, for a short time, because then start again people are lured into evil.

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