Tuesday, August 16, 2016


People do not reject the Bible because it supposedly contradicts itself but because it contradicts their lives.
You can not touch the heart of your fellow man with nothing, but only with your own kardia.Parainesi fathers saints for progress to perfection
Said the Abbot Gregory the Theologian: "God from every person who is baptized these three requests: From the soul good faith, the language of truth and the body prudence" .The heart clears with tears and sighs. A sigh of soul pain equivalent to two buckets of tears.
Elder Paisius. ATIA = The initial impression of those who received their existence was, as they said, and the supposed aliens themselves, there are intelligent civilizations on other planets that have advanced in technology much more of us on earth and send spaceships to explore the universe . But slowly the attitude of several researchers of these phenomena started to change and shifts to the metaphysical realm. Today more and more talk about the "parapsychiki nature" of alien and many researchers admit that the aliens are spiritual rather than physical, ontotites.Ti say about these extraterrestrial beings ... It is clear that it is demons, such we find in descriptions magicians and pagan religions? the first step to annihilation a nation is to delete the memory. Destroy his books, its culture, its history. After you put someone to write new books, manufacture a new culture, invent a new story. You will not need much time to begin this nation forget p ... DIC is and what was. The world around him will forget more quickly, "Albert Pike =
"The Third World War must be eroded by taking advantage of the differences caused by the" Agentur "of the" Illuminati "between the Zionist politicians and leaders of the Islamic world. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arab World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) to alllokatastrafoun. ... "the jews possess nearly all of the media sources and control all of the politicians which places every American squarely under the yoke of world judaism. Thru financial control? the jews have used the USA to hijack the world monetary system, perpetrate the holocaust lies, steal Palestine, perform 55 million abortions .The illuminati is an organization inside the freemasons they are both evil but the difference is the illuminati is stronger than the freemasons because they control the freemasons

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