Monday, July 11, 2016


For everything so, come to the split. If any information you used to something, fine, otherwise ignorance. We all experience spiritual growth in our own unique way. For some of our changes happen slowly. For others, a series of events may result in a sudden maturation.

There we all share the same symptoms or changes. And of course we keep our own individual spiritual beliefs. We are different as the snowflakes, and yet we share a common essence and a general form.

Certain concepts may not make us feel comfortable. Everyone should consider that new information and to distinguish what does not serve us well and what is true for us. We are responsible for the interpretation we give to all information.

It is important to shape our very own personal view of things with calmness, wisdom and humor, without trapping our energy to criticism. And it is also important not to forget our own heritage. Can save us from many unneeded.

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