Monday, August 22, 2016


It is a sign of the spiritual crisis of today that modern humans, with all the proud "enlightenment" and "wisdom" them, are once again aware of such experiences - but no longer have the Christian infrastructure to interpret them with it . Modern UFO researchers, searching for an explanation for phenomena which have become very noticeable to the sight now, have been partners in today's psychic investigators in an effort to formulate a "unified field theory" that would include psychological as well as material phenomena . But such researchers still only approach the modern "enlightened" man and trust the scientific observations to give answers to a spiritual field that absolutely can not be accessed "objectively" but only by faith. The natural world is morally neutral and can become known relatively well in an objective observer; but the invisible spiritual realm includes good and evil beings, and "objective" observer has no means to distinguish from one another, except if it accepts the revelation that has done about these humans the invisible God. So, today's UFO researchers place the divine inspiration of the Bible on par with the satanic inspired automatic writing of spiritualism, and do not distinguish between the action of the angels and that of demons.
Many recent studies of UFO by evangelical Protestants, collect all these items and reach the conclusion that the UFO phenomena is simply just demonic origin. * It is difficult to reach a different conclusion Orthodox Christian researcher. Some or many of the experiences might be the result of fraud or hallucinations; but it is simply impossible to dismiss one all the many thousands of UFO reports in this way. A large number of modern mediums and their spiritualistic phenomena are also deceptively; but mentioumistikos spiritualism, when is genuine, undoubtedly produces truly "paranormal" phenomena under the action of demons. The phenomena UFO, having the same source, is no less real.
The future world and humanity are considered science fiction in terms of "projections" of current scientific discoveries; in fact, however, these "projections" agree remarkably with the daily objective world of the occult and clearly demonic experience throughout the course of centuries. Among the characteristics of "highly sophisticated" creature of the future are: communication by mental telepathy, ability to fly, implement and apoulopoioun, change the appearance of things or create imaginary scenes and creatures with "clear thinking" to travel speeds far beyond any modern technology, occupying the bodies of the earth; and to develop a "spiritual" philosophy which is "beyond all religions" and Promised a situation where the "advanced intelligences" will no longer depend on the matter. All these are given practices and claims of sorcerers and demons
May God preserve us from the Apostasy and from the coming of Antichrist, the preliminary signs of which are multiplying day by day. May I preserve us from the great affliction which even the elect would not be able to bear without the Grace of Him Who will cut short these days. And I wish to protect us by keeping us in the "little flock," the "remainder according to the election of grace" so that we like Abraham might rejoice at the Light of His Face, the embassy of the Virgin Mother of God and Ever-Virgin Mary , all the inhabitants of heaven cloud of witnesses, prophets, hierarchs, evangelists, and confessors who have been faithful unto death, who shed their blood for Christ, which we acquired with the gospel of Jesus Christ in the waters of Baptism. We are their sons - weak, sinful, and unworthy; but I will not stretch forth our hands toward a strange god! Amen.
Reads one to wonder about the latest acts and declarations of the ecumenical movement. In thinner level, Orthodox theologians representing the American Standing Conference of Orthodox Bishops and other official Orthodox Bodies perform "dialogues" with Roman Catholics and Protestants and issue "joint statements" with themes such as the Eucharist, spirituality, and the like - without even inform the heterodox that the Orthodox Church is the Church of Christ in which all are invited, that only its own Mysteries sponsors grace, that the Orthodox spirituality can be understood only by those who know empirically in the Orthodox Church, that all these "dialogues" is a conventional caricature of genuine Christian conversation - a conversation that aims to save souls. Indeed, many of the Orthodox participating in these "dialogues" know or suspect that there is no place for Orthodox witness, that the atmosphere itself of ecumenical "liberalism" cancels any truth can be said unto them: but silent, because the "spirit of the times" today is often louder than the voice of the Orthodox consciousness.
Roman Catholicism has so far had a very distinct piety itself, a piety limited to the "sacred heart", the paposyni, purgatory and indulgences, revelations various "mystics", and the like; and an observant Orthodox observer can detect in such aspects of modern Latin spirituality the practical effects of Rome's theological errors. The fundamentalist (themeliokratikos) Protestantism also has its own approach to prayer, typical of hymns, his approach to religious "revival": all these can identify the application, the religious life of fundamentalist errors in Christian doctrine.
When Fr. Seraphim wrote in mid-1970 about the dangers of neo-pagans "cults", there were other observers of "cults" (although they are not heard as much as in 1979, when the "terror of the cult" hit America, in the wake of the massacre of Jonestown). Without the patristic principles of spiritual life, however, such observers were not able to capture the underlying unity behind the phenomena of UFO, the Eastern religions and the "charismatic revival" - apparently using mentioumistikes techniques to come into contact with fallen spirits under different disguises.

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