Thursday, December 29, 2016


Where there is true humility, where there are no genuine spiritual experience. Where there is arrogance, there reigns the spirit of error, not the spirit of truth (Jas. D 6. A Pet. E 5). The spirit of error is proud. The humble soul asks God to give her devotion and sense of sinfulness, even if the Lord daily uploads and variously show love Tou.Behind a crash echretai and a world war (1st CP / 2nd FP) and now we are at the threshold of a global economic meltdoon.According to the prophecy of the Holy Elder Paisios from Greece, Turkey, in the near term, will be defeated in the war with Russia, and will disappear from the face of the earth as a state . Turkey has not been blessed by God, she did not repent for their atrocities and genocide of the Armenian people. City of Constantinople would go to Greece. The third part of the Turks accept the Orthodox faith, and the other Turks to leave their homeland forever.! H prevalence of Antichrist forces, will become the Satanists when they dropped the "rain of fire", ie after the 3rd World War and the devastation that would occur from the powerful weapons, nuclear and otherwise. In fact, it will not prevail Antichrist but rather suspended bad for several years. Just this war will scare the world to lead a hasty solution to a global government, when it will start again later to make weapons of various states. We will then blackmail the world by Satan, so for the sake of peace threatened to be elected as a World leader the Antichrist. And it is noticed in our time that those who destroy peace are those who want the New World Order ... and "peace"!, Antichrist evil spirit nowadays, knowing that the final time for the Antichrist and his devils are close, he is doing everything possible to deceive man, by many manifestations, Aiming Virgin Mary and Saints of God.Freemasons clean illuminati Satanism is real and seek to control the world. Watch children watch what you took control of the bank / money and the laws and the police and the army are mice in a cage

the illuminati is an agency within the freemasons are so bad, but the difference is the illuminati is stronger than the freemasons because control freimasons

"Heretical man after the first and a second admonition" (St. Paul Tit. C10). The Orthodox, however, insist partake constantly gatherings heretics And of course there are the Apostolic rules stipulate that it should not we have spiritual intercourse with them, for anyone who did not understand any previous passages of Scripture

Pentecostals "freedom", falsely teach that the rapture of Christians will be done before the advent of the Antichrist, and thus leaves people unprepared so hard those days to find a surprise, even to lead them to accept the Antichrist instead of the Lord Jesus Christ , as we await the Lord, and not the lawless.

There is no evidence to show that homosexuality is inherited but rather important role played by the family education and early child relationships with people who care. Homosexuality as a sexual practice is a serious sin for Christian ethics and disapproved of the gospel and the church.

At 5 centuries gone by Luther until now, the Orthodox Church was vindicated. Protestantism splintered into thousands of different, and often opposite (doctrinal) between the groups. Yet each group insists that escapes from the doctrine of the Holy Scripture, and that it accepts only what the Bible says, nothing less, and nothing more.

only the humble can receive the grace of God-only the humble can receive the grace of god

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