Tuesday, October 20, 2015

He next false start when going down errors

 And as himself
Barlaam, without prior repentance, saw visions of the devil, so people
much more so now, in the era of globalization is spiritually syncretistic
exposed to the confusion by promoting every heresy and error along with the
Orthodoxy, unable to discern what is of God and what is imitation
made from evil. Some even think that they can use
eastern exercises (such as yoga, meditation, etc.) together with the Orthodox
exercise (fasting, prayer of Jesus, vigil, etc.). It is necessary however to menome
Orthodox teaching that gives priority to the purification of the heart of man.
Where relevant, the Church, which is like a heart that keeps the whole life
humanity, purged of the fallacies that the prowl, once the "powerful
angel "create the right conditions for the great Assembly, then all the
Universe will be ready to accept the word of God, and a pure heart
person makes ready to receive true revelation of God.
10.70. As Barlaam appearances evil thought the epiphanies, the same
suffer nowadays who lack Orthodox Theological lived experience and education.
Says eg the Athonite elder Sophronius (1994) that "the saints, when they reach
deification situation, they see the energy of God as Light, and transformed
They see the glory of God. " But it is easy to mistaken one, and first those who are not
Christians: "The light of God is uniform, while the devil is uneven. Those
passed from Buddhism should repent completely, otherwise
this eastern experience will leave something in their soul "... (A13,14). And explains:
"Buddhism has some truth, but it has a human truth that reaches
the "zero", ie meditation - meditation leads man to the
"nonbeing" from which we were created. It is an existential suicide. The
Christ leads us to deification, communion with the Triune God. " 27
Good to be known who is the truth, because this as a unique
It is easy to learn, and fallacies that surround it are numerous. Large
crowds of people running to acquire spiritual experiences where there is only the
pernicious imitation of true experiences, induced spiritual wickedness that
They appear as angels of light or imitators of the divine glory. The elder had Sophrony
many true divine light experiences, and other contemporary elders like
Elder Porphyry he also left some memorable spiritual experiences
him: "Many times by the grace of God I get into another situation. Changed
My voice, my face came into atmosphere divine Light. "

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